We are glad to announce that the "Rudolf Buchheim 200: New Essays on the Doctrine of Drugs" is taking place on May 14-16, 2020 in Tartu, Estonia!

Rudolf Buchheim was a German medical scientist who in 1846 was elected to the position of professor of materia medica at the University of Tartu, and in 1847 – 1867 chaired an unprecedented establishment where most of the available materia medica was characterized in terms of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, aided by strong schools of physiology and analytical chemistry. This research redefined classification of medicines and led to new type of textbooks. Buchheim could thus be considered the father of pharmacology as a scientific discipline. However, because his pupil and successor Oswald Schmiedeberg is already broadly known as the “Father of Pharmacology”, Buchheim may better deserve the title of Grandfather. Schmiedeberg, in turn, was succeeded in Tartu by Hans Horst Meyer, and Meyer by Rudolf Boehm. Tartu is the birthplace and cradle of pharmacology. The premises of the very first independent chair of pharmacology are standing in good order on the Dome Hill.


Rudolf Buchheim 200 Conference will bring together basic researchers, medical doctors and pharmacists dedicated to pharmacology. The conference will glimpse backwards at the history of pharmacology and review the state of the art of clinical practice and modern technologies in action of developing better medicines.