The programme for Rudolf Buchheim 200: New Essays on the Doctrine of Drugs

14 May, University of Tartu Library

12.00 Registration desk open Tartu University Library
18.00 Opening
18.10 ►History of Chemistry in University of Tartu
Prof. Enn Lust (University of Tartu)


Plenary lecture
►Rudolf Buchheim - materia medica becomes modern pharmacology
Prof. Lars Oreland (Uppsala University)
19.40 Welcome reception at the Old Anatomical Theatre


15 May, University of Tartu Library

8.20 Plenary lecture
►Pharmacogenomics –  update and future directions
Prof. Ingolf Cascorbi (Kiel University) President of IUPHAR
9.00 Coffee
9.30   Parallel symposium 1: Psychopharmacology Parallel symposium 2: Recent Advancements in Drug Design and Delivery
  ►The legacy of Arvid Carlsson: the past, present and future of psychopharmacology
Prof. Elias Eriksson (University of Gothenburg)
►Nanocrystal based formulations in drug delivery
Prof. Leena Peltonen (University of Helsinki)
  ►Neuroscience-based drug interventions for Mental Health disorders: A serendipitous choice?
Prof. Gregers Wegener (University of Aarhus)
►Finding new RNA targeting drug molecules
Prof. Mati Karelson (University of Tartu)
  ►Protein kinase C - A challenging drug target for brain diseases
Prof. Raimo Tuominen (University of Helsinki)
►Peptide-based drug delivery systems: preclinical development and applications in biotechnology
Dr. Kaido Kurrikoff (University of Tartu)
  ►Ultrasonic vocalizations in a neurodevelopmental model of schizophrenia
Prof. Piotr Popik (Maj Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences)
►Preclinical and clinical development of vascular homing peptides for precision medicine
Prof. Tambet Teesalu (University of Tartu)
11.30 Coffee
12.00 Plenary lecture
►Oswald Schmiedeberg Lecture: Neuropeptide signaling: A possible target for drug development
Prof. Tomas Hökfelt (Karolinska Institutet)
12.45 Lunch
13.45 Parallel symposium 3: Oncology Parallel symposium 4: Network for European Clinical Trials for Children
  ►PGx of TKI resistance
Prof. Ingolf Cascorbi (Kiel University)
►From microsampling to miniature mass spectrometers - advances in bioanalysis with limited sample volume
Dr. Karin Kipper (Epilepsy Society, Head of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Unit, UK)
  ►Current and future drugs in immunotherapy
Prof. Pärt Peterson (University of Tartu)
►The effects of augmented renal clearance on the pharmacokinetic profile of antibiotics
Dr. Lenne-Triin Kõrgvee (Tartu University Hospital, University of Tartu)
  ►Endocrine side effects of new oncological drugs
Prof. Vallo Volke (University of Tartu)
►Measurement of glomerular filtration rate using iohexol
Dr. Hiie Soeorg (University of Tartu)
  ►Latest developments in pharmacotherapy of cancer
Dr Kersti Oselin (the North Estonia Medical Centre)
►Vancomycin and DosOpt 
Dr Riste Kalamees (Tartu University Hospital, University of Tartu)
    ►Pharmacokinetics  of spironolactone in children under 2 years
Dr Jana Lass (Tartu University Hospital, University of Tartu)
    ►Pharmacokinetics and concentration related effects of dobutamine in neonates
Dr Maarja Hallik (East Tallinn Central Hospital)
15.00 Parallel symposium 5: Emerging drugs in Endocrinology and Diabetes
  ►CV efffects of diabetes drugs
Prof Troels Krarup Hansen (Aarhus University)
  ►Twincretins- the future of diabetes and obesity management?
16.00 ►Secrets of GLP-1 receptor agonists
Dr. Ingrid Reppo, Prof Vallo Volke (University of Tartu)
Parallel symposium 6: Protein drugs for CNS disorders
  ►New drugs for osteoporosis
Prof Ugis Gruntmanis (University of Texas)
Details available in 3 weeks
17.00-19.00 Walking tour on Toome Hill and the Town Hall Square
20.00-23.00 Gala Dinner at the University of Tartu Museum


16 May, University of Tartu Library

8.20 Plenary lectures
►Pharmacovigilance: from reactive to proactive and predictive
Prof. Lembit Rägo (Secretary-General CIOMS)
8.50 ►Can dysregulated myelination be linked to ADHD pathogenesis and does this generate new treatment targets?
Prof. Klaus-Peter Lesch (University Hospital of Würzburg)
9.30 Coffee
10.00 Parallel symposium: Addiction from Animal to Hospital Parallel symposium: New drugs in Cardiology
  ►Trace amine-associated receptor 1 (TAAR1): a promising target for the treatment of  mental  disorders
Prof. E. Zvartau; I Sukanov (First Saint Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University)
Details available in 3 weeks
  ►Epigenetics and Psychostimulant Addiction
Prof. Anti Kalda (University of Tartu)
  ►Extended release naltrexone for opioid use disorders: Advantages and problems
Prof. Evgeny Krupitsky (First Saint Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University)
  ►Personalized psychopharmacology through animal models
Prof. Jaanus Harro (University of Tartu and North Estonia Medical Centre)
12.30 Closing remarks
14.00-16.30 Excursion to the Estonian National Museum (bus transport provided)