You are welcome to contribute to Rudolf Buchheim 200 conference by submitting an abstract to the Scientific Committee to be considered for an oral or a poster presentation.  You will be notified about your abstract's acceptance via e-mail within a couple of days after submission. This way, the sooner you submit your abstract, the sooner you will get feedback and can make work and travel arrangements accordingly.
The extended abstract submission deadline is September 6, 2021! 

 Studies in all areas of pharmacology may be submitted. Before submitting your abstract, we kindly ask you to read the abstract information below. 

Poster size

Recommended poster measurements are:  95 cm width x 115 height


Abstracts must be submitted on-line via the abstract submission form. Abstracts cannot be submitted by fax, hard copy or e-mail. We kindly ask you to register your participation at the conference as well.

Before submitting, please check carefully that your abstract is in accordance with the guidelines as no further changes are allowed after submission. If the format requirements are not followed, your abstract will be automatically rejected.

Confirmation of a successful submission
When your abstract is successfully submitted, you will receive a PDF confirmation via e-mail, containing the exact details of the submission (including the title, co-authors, and text). If you do not receive an e-mail within a few minutes, please contact the Delegate Services via:


By submitting an abstract in the submission form, the author(s) transfer copyright ownership so it can be published in the conference proceedings.

Format - layout
The abstract can be up to 1,800 characters long (excluding the title and author(s)' data). The format of the abstract is flexible, but should contain information on the aim of the work, methods, results and conclusions. A statement that “the results will be discussed” is not acceptable. Do not use subheadings (methods, results, etc.). Tables, graphs and figures are NOT allowed. Do not use subheadings in bold. No advertisements.

Abstracts must be written in English. It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract; any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author, if the abstract is accepted.

Firstly, please note that abstracts are not edited after approval. Therefore, please proofread your abstract carefully before submission, since it will be printed exactly as submitted.

Also, once the abstract has been reviewed, changes to the abstract cannot be accepted. If an error is later identified, you are free to withdraw your abstract if you wish. During the abstract’s uploading process, you will need to list all the co-authors of your abstract.

If you have any questions, please contact the Delegate Services at

I hereby confirm that:

- the research is original in nature
- the research has not been subsidised by biased organisations 
- there are no ethical concerns in relation to the research
- the abstract is final and correct at the time of submission as later changes are not allowed
- the copyright of the abstract can be transferred in order to be published in the conference proceedings
- there is no bias or perception of bias in relation to any of the authors (or someone related to the author(s), e.g. family member, spouse, friend) has a relationship with any entity that has an interest (direct or indirect) related to the submission or any such party has financed the research.

Abstract submission

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Presenting author's data

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Abstract (please paste the text here)*1800Recommended structure: introduction, aims, materials (patients) and methods, results, and conclusion(s).
The maximum number of characters together with spaces is 1800.
NB! Adding any tables, images and advertisements to the abstract is not allowed. 
Please write the co-authors' names here together with their affiliations.Formatting: last name, first name, institution (e.g. Smith, John, University of Tartu)